Since beginning Boxtops 4 Education, Washington Avenue has made over $12000 collecting ten cents at a time cutouts. Every year the goal for the school is $1000. Some years we make the goal and sometimes we fall a little short. General Mills is beginning a new way to do Boxtops and our school needs your help. There is an app now available that you need to sign up for in order for our school to still receive the boxtop credits. When you download the app you shop at your favorite store to purchase boxtop items. Take your receipt out and scan the receipt and submit. The credit goes immediately to the school and a check comes to the school in December and May. The school will still take the cut out boxtops as well until they go the way of the dinosaur. Please continue to support our school by clipping or scanning boxtop item. We all thank you at Washington Avenue for your support. 
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